OT - Cutting Activities

  1. Opening and closing scissors in a single movement.
  2. Cutting along a line - short and thick
  3. Cutting along continuous straight line.
  4. Cutting around curves.
  5. Cutting a thin line.
  6. Cutting out shapes, geometric forms, pictures.
  7. Cutting different materials
  8. Cutting fringes, with guidelines if needed.
  9. Tearing and cutting strips from old pieces of material or newspapers.
  10. Cutting and pasting activities.
  11. Cutting out magazine pictures, e.g. cutting up pictures of people and pasting them together.  Collage, etc.
  12. Making scrap books - sorting, cutting, pasting
  13. Making jigsaws - cutting, pasting on cardboard, fitting them together.
  14. Cutting out a long strip from a small square.
  15. Cutting with left or right hand.  Which is more difficult?
  16. Cutting straws and various objects. Make a necklace with the straw pieces.
  17. Random snipping - firm paper, thin cardboard
  18. Cutting spirals.
  19. Cutting along guidelines.