OT - Wrists, Hands and Fingers


  1. With forearm stabilised on a bench or a table, child moves hand up and down freely over the edge of the table - like a paint brush moving with vertical strokes.
  2. Move hand freely from side to side.
  3. Rotate the hand in a circular motion to the left and then to the right.
  4. Move wrist as if to screw and unscrew lids.

Hand and Finger Exercises:

  1. Interlace fingers of both hands.  Press palms hard together.
    Hold for count of three.  Relax
  2. Make a fist and open it (both hands) 10 times out in front, 10 times above head, 10 times to side.
  3. Spread fingers apart fully and move them back together again.
  4. Bring tip of thumb and all fingers together.  Right hand, left hand, both hands.
  5. Bring tip of thumb and fingers together successively.  Right hand, left hand, both hands, eye closed.
  6. Squeeze a small rubber ball to a rhythmic beat.  Use squash ball and nerd ball also.
  7. Crumple an A4 sheet of paper into a ball.  Begin on a flat surface and use only one hand.  Crumple paper without use of flat surface.
  8. Bend shapes and angles from cardboard
  9. Grasp tennis ball, then lift one finger at a time.  Right hand, left hand, both hands.
  10. Close fist and release one finger at time.  Right hand, left hand, both hands.
  11. Extend hand and lower one finger at a time to form a fist.  Right hand, left hand, both hands.
  12. Open and close hand as fast as possible.  Right hand, left hand, both hands
  13. Place hand, palm down on the table with fingers together.  Move the little finger as far away from other fingers as you can.  Try to bring ring finger to little finger.  Then, other fingers one at a time.  Try to make fingers touch.
  14. Place fingers together.  Move thumb away and back again; then thumb plus  index finger, then thumb, index plus middle finger and finally all plus ring finger.  Repeat with other hand.
  15. Place hand, palm down on table.  Make a fist, then lie hand flat.  Repeat as many times as possible.
  16. Clay ball rolling - 2 hands, 1 hand, finger and thumb.
  17. Tap rhythmic patterns with fingers.
  18. Finger matching - with palms together, touch together the tips of each corresponding finger in order.
  19. Finger clasping - with hands facing each other, children experiment with various ways to clasp themselves.
  20. Clapping fingertips together
  21. Place fingertips together and clap palms.
  22. Place palm on table and tap each finger individually on the table.
  23. String puzzles - string placed around fingers; complete puzzles between fingers.
  24. Cross middle fingers over pointer fingers.   Reverse, with pointer fingers over middle fingers.  Use both hands. 
  25. Grasp hands with pointer finger of right hand between thumb and pointer finger of left hand.  Interlace other fingers.  Change, so that pointer finger of left hand is between thumb and pointer finger of right hand.  Interlace other fingers.
  26. Thumb wrestling.

Graphic of Thumb