OT - Fine Motor Skills

It is suggested you choose a variety of these activities to use with him/her as often as you can, e.g. daily.  Through this you will help him/her improve his/her fine motor skills.

  1. Mix play dough from 1 cup of plain flour, 1/3-cup salt, 1 tablespoon cooking oil, a few drops of food colouring and a little water to make a thick consistency.  (Keep in plastic bag in fridge).
    1. .
    2. Knead the dough
    3. Roll into balls and snakes
    4. Pinch between thumb and fingers
    5. Make jewellery
    6. Make any model you like.
  2. Modelling with clay, plasticine, play dough, making pinch pots, coil pots and little fingers, shapes and letters.
  3. String beads, macaroni, etc.
    1. Randomly
    2. As fast as possible
    3. According to designated pattern.
  4. Pastry making or biscuit making.
  5. Clipping clothes pegs onto rim of empty container.
  6. Making a chain of paper clips.
  7. Using tweezers or kitchen tongs to pick up objects and place in container, e.g. cotton balls, noodles, matches, sultanas, marbles.
  8. Picking up matchsticks / coins / buttons and placing in box.  (Sorting into different colours / sizes / shapes).
  9. Copy patterns made with matchsticks or toothpicks.
  10. Sewing cards / threading beads.
  11. Paper weaving / paper folding.
  12. Tearing and sticking paper to make collages.
  13. Tipping water from one container to another, e.g. during bath time.
  14. Transfer water from one container to another using a thick sponge and squeezing hard.
  15. Water painting onto dry tiles, cement, outside walls, etc.
  16. Sand play and making mud pies.
  17. Finger paints, hand painting.
  18. Draw patterns in shaving cream smoothed onto table.  Also incorporate circular movements, e.g. on large piece of paper on floor.  Encourage circular movements with him/her using his/her right hand in an anti-clockwise motion and his/her left clockwise.
  19. Hand games, e.g. Incy Wincey spider, Finger and Hand Puppets, Yoyo, Cats Cradle.
  20. Taking off and putting on screw top lids.
  21. Construction and manipulative toys, e.g. LEGO, stacking toys, hammer toys, screw toys, jigsaws, Stickle bricks, KidK’nex, etc.
  22. Any card game – shuffling, sorting and dealing especially.
  23. Tiddlywinks, fiddlesticks, jacks, etc.
  24. Simple origami (paper folding).  Go on the internet or to the library for books of instructions, e.g. boat, aeroplane, hat, etc.
    1. Cutting:
    2. Along straight lines
    3. Fringes
    4. Along curved lines
  25. Pictures and magazines
  26. Folded paper to make pattern
  27. Placing and pasting cut-out pictures to form new pictures, e.g. collages.
  28. Drawing between guide-lines, varying the distance from 2 cm to 2 mm in width.  (Lines, shapes, letters, numbers).

    Insert arc                                                                      Insert snake


  30. Tracing/Copying
    1. Lines
    2. Patterns
    3. Shapes
    4. Pictures
  31. Joining Dots
    1. Lines
    2. Patterns
    3. Dot-to-Dot Picutres
  32. Colouring in.