OT - Finger Dexterity

These activities can be timed after initial experience, as this introduces normal pressures often found in daily life.

  1. 20-30 matches and a matchbox
    Placing matches into matchboxes as quickly as possible.
  2. Shoebox and 24 spring clothes pegs
    - Placing pegs around the top of shoebox, using index finger and thumb to open and close them.
  3. Matches or toothpicks
    - Making forms or shapes from sticks.
  4. 10 coins and 10 empty matchboxes.
    - Open each matchbox, place in one coin and close.  Start with coins box, take out coin, close box, place coin on top of box.  Then replace coins.
  5. Graph paper and sharp pencil.
    - Make holes in graph paper with sharp pencil in every square
    - Designated patterns or shapes.
  6. Bolts, nuts or wing nuts.
    - Screw 10 nuts onto bolts as quickly as possible.
  7. Acoustic tiles and 20 golf tees.
    - Fit tees into holes.  Make patterns or shapes.
  8. Coins, money box.
    - Place coins in various shapes and patterns, then post them into money box.  Place coins in various positions in relation to box.  Left, right, near, far etc.
  9. Beads and lace
    - Threading beads as quickly as possible.  Use large beads to begin with, then progress to smaller ones.
  10. Lego
    - Fit pieces together as quickly as possible.  Take them apart.  Make familiar shapes or objects as quickly as possible.
  11. Scissors, paper circle
    - Cut as many circles out of paper as possible. Superimpose a square on each circle.
    Cut around the square to make as long a piece of paper as possible.
  12. Tracing a maze without taking pencil off the paper, and staying within the lines.

  13. Dropping marbles into a bottle, using bottles with progressively smaller necks.
  14. Stretching rubber bands over nails in various shapes as quickly as possible.
  15. Completing simple jigsaw puzzles as quickly as possible.