OT - Play Dough Activities

Using play dough in a variety of ways will help develop sense of touch and joint position awareness in hands, as well as develop ability to use small hand muscles.

Here are some suggestions for play dough activities.  Do these with each hand in turn.

  1. Roll out play dough with rolling pin.  Use animal shape pastry cutters to cut out shapes, and match these with outlines of the same shapes drawn on cardboard.
  2. Roll play dough on table to form a ball as round as possible.
  3. Roll out to make a long snake, using flat fingers (not palms).  Curl the snake around itself in a spiral.
  4. Pinch along the length of a long piece of play dough to make a dinosaur, using tips of thumb and 2nd finger.  Repeat using each finger in turn.
  5. Make bird’s nest by hollowing out play dough with thumb and forefinger.  Make small balls of play dough into eggs.
  6. Make small pieces of play dough into caps to fit on each finger.
  7. Make a flat disc of play dough.  Using one straight finger at a time, other fingers tucked back, push into play dough with finger tip, making the indentations form a particular shape e.g. circle, square.
  8. Make a flat disc of play dough, and squeeze around edge with tips of thumb and one finger to form a flower.  Do this with each finger in turn.
Graphic of girl playing with play dough