OT - Toy ideas for fine motor development

Construction Toys




Skills Required for Above Toy Ideads

Hand-eye co-ordination - co-ordinating hand movement with visual information Fine-motor control - co-ordinating the small muscles of the fingers and hand In-hand manipulation - reorganising the orientation of objects in one hand Bilateral co-ordination - using both hands together, usually with one hand stabilising while the other is manipulating the object

Construction Toys

- the construction kits are useful for developing:


Battleship, Chinese Checkers, Mastermind, Solitaire

- these games have small pegs or marbles which are placed into holes, they require the following skills:

Junior Pictionary, Chalk & Drawing Board, Colouring

- practicing drawing skills to improve:

Fishing Games, Mr Surgeon, Fleas on Fred, Tiddlywinks

- these games all involve the manipulation of an implement to pick up or move objects, they require the following skills:

Unostacker, Jenga

- these are two very similar games which require advanced skills in: