Enrolment Process

The enrolment of pupils in a language unit is managed locally by an admissions committee that is generally composed of the following personnel: the school principal, the class teacher, the speech and language therapist attached to the class, a psychologist attached to the HSE or NEPS, and the manager of the local speech and language therapy services. In a few instances, psychologists in private practice and paediatricians sit on admissions committees. In most instances a single admissions committee manages the enrolment of children in a class or classes attached to a particular school. In some instances, where there are classes in the same general area, a joint admissions committee manages the admission of children to all the classes. All admissions committees operate in an advisory capacity only to their boards of management, the ultimate responsibility for the enrolment of children rests with the boards of management of schools.

When enrolling, children should meet each of the following criteria:

  1. Assessment by a psychologist on a standardised test of intelligence which places non-verbal or performance ability within the average range or above
  2. Assessment on a standardised test of language development by a speech therapist which places performance in one or more of the main areas of speech and language development at two standard deviations or more below the mean, or at a generally equivalent level
  3. The child's difficulties are not attributable to hearing impairment; where the child is affected to some degree by hearing impairment the hearing threshold for the speech-related frequencies should be 40 db
  4. Emotional and behavioural disorders or a physical disability are not considered to be primary causes
  5. Children with speech and language delays and difficulties are not to be considered under this category

Contact the school before applying to find out the deadline date for applications and any extra information they may require.